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Sequence number:s0039
Date of letter:1993-02-05
Address of author:Changsha City, Hunan Province
Date of event:Not mentioned
Location of event:Not mentioned
Name of author:Yin Shalin
Name(s) of victim(s):Five family members of Yin Shalin
Type of atrocity:Biological/Chemical Warfare (BC)
Other details:The Japanese spreaded cholera bacteria in Yin Shalin’s hometown, causing the deaths of his 5 family members.

Teacher Tong Zeng, Director Chen Jian,

Last year, the Information Daily published a documentary article entitled “Wave of Civil Claim for Compensation”, which was about you demanding damage compensation from Japan on behalf of the Chinese people. I became quite emotional after reading it and wanted to write you a letter to help for multiple times, but was delayed by chores. So I am writing at the Spring Festival to offer my suggestions.

As a post-war developed country, Japan boasts strong economic strength and has abundant capital to purchase foreign real estates and large enterprises. The amount of payments that are not claimed by people from postal offices across Japan has cumulatively reached over USD 90 billion. Some financial groups are reportedly purchasing large pieces of land at home and abroad and implementing the integration of urban and rural enterprises to promote a leap of the primary industry and overall super-fast development of agriculture, industry, commerce and trade. The Japanese government allows the dispatch of forces abroad and actively requests to be a permanent Security Council member. Japan is indeed insufferably arrogant. Japan knows well about China’s economy and looks down upon Chinese people. Our claim for damage compensation not only has economic significance, but can curb Japan’s ambition to expand, which is conducive to the peace and security of Asia.

Of course, this matter involves many factors and is quite complicated. In particular, as Japan has many intelligence agents (spies) in China, direct involvement of national mass organizations and some cultural groups such as the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) is required. It is not enough to depend on just several people.

I intended to join you because the Japanese army produced an outbreak of cholera in my hometown, causing the death of my five family members from three generations. I thought that the civil claim for compensation shall be the responsibility of private organizations. So, private compensation organizations shall be set up in cities and provinces across the country. The people claiming for compensation shall pay transaction fees, which will be used for verification, internal and external contacts and relevant mass activities. Then, the applicants will be offered an amount of compensation in the form of stocks and the private compensation organizations will carry out various market operations and regularly distribute risk-free dividends. Of course, things will turn ugly if we cannot get compensation from Japan, so the only option is to involve the government in the plan.

Given the current international conditions, we shall claim for compensation at a proper time and the perfect timing is coming.

① Japan is immensely proud as the Japanese banks are reducing the interest rate to stimulate rapid economic development.
② As America fully implements Clinton’s trade protectionism, a trade war has broken out between America and the Europe, Japan and South Korea. Therefore, they have intense diplomatic relations.
③ With the recovery of communist forces in the Soviet Union and Europe, China has further improved its relations with European Community countries such as Russia, Germany, Italy and France.
④Japan offers capital and military forces to Persian Gulf and European places where wars often broke out to show its strength internationally. Especially, Japan is seeking support from China and other Asian countries in order to become a permanent Security Council member.
⑤ Social relief and war compensation have become urgent issues as the gap between the rich and poor and the western and eastern regions widens in China, and the issues such as farmers’ living, urban and rural environmental protection, social welfare and public construction become increasingly prominent. For example, Beijing’s applying for the 2000 Olympic Games is in urgent need of international aid.
⑥ Some administrative organization such as the Ministry of Civil affairs need a reform and some surplus people need jobs.
⑦ Japan is reflecting on its crimes during the World War II within a limited range.
⑧Japan has gradually grown an interest in China’s religious culture, and classical philosophy, including Thought of Yi-ology, Thought of the Three Kingdoms, Military Science of Sun Zi and especially Qigong (a practice to cultivate and balance life energy). Relevant Chinese people will have a place in the teaching industry in Japan.
⑨There are some war victims and witnesses who are still living across the country and can be used as living files.

I suggest we should carry out the compensation campaign in a reasonable, favorable and moderate way by taking this perfect opportunity.

Best regards,

Yin Shalin
February 5, 1993


Bio-Chemical Warfare(BC)
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