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Sequence number:s0063
Date of letter:February 1, 1993
Address of author:Dingrang County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province
Date of event:Not mentioned
Location of event:Not mentioned
Name of author:Xing Yucheng
Name(s) of victim(s):Grandfather of Xing Yucheng
Type of atrocity:Others (OT)
Other details:During the anti-Japanese war, the house and food of Xing Yucheng’s grandfather were burnt.




Teacher Tong Zeng,


I accidentally read an article ‘Trend of Civil Claims for Reparations’ from China Business Journal on Shanxi Daily weekend edition of May 30th, 1992. It referred that General Secretary Jiang Zemin set forth ‘no restrictions on the tendency of civil claims for reparations’ when answering Japanese journalists’ questions on April 1st, 1992 before his visit to Japan, and elaborated the whole story of Chinese people’s claim for reparations against Japan, recognizing your sense of national mission as ‘being plain and humble, never stop the concern for the nation’.

The article enables me to learn about reparations and the necessity of claiming for them, and also see the hope of it. I heard a lot of tragic stories of the Japanese army’s aggression and never forget the tragedy of my grandfather’s family breaking up: at wartime, my grandfather was the head of the self-defense force. One day, at lunchtime, my grandfather and the entire family escaped hurriedly after knowing the news. The Japanese army did not capture anyone of my family, so they burnt the house and all the food. My grandfather got sick because of the anger, and died with hatred later. My father was only 7 at that time. So I would like to join the petition group and hope all the Chinese victims can stand out bravely and claim our due reparations.

Wish you all the success in your work!


Xing Yucheng
February 1st, 1993



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