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Sequence number:s0064
Date of Letter:1993-04-20
Address of Author:Ruicheng County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province
Date of Event:Not mentioned
Location of Event:Ruicheng County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province
Name of Author:Dong Shihua
Name(s) of victim(s):Fellow-villagers
Type of atrocity:Others (OT)
Other Details:Over 3000 houses, 4 temples and 3 ancestral halls were burnt. One person was bitten by dogs and died. Five people were burnt to death.




Dear Comrade Tong Zeng,

cAs a nationalistic person devoted to your cause, you must be very busy with your work these days. People like you deserve our admiration and respect!

We read from the Feb 3, 1993 issue of the “Weekly Digest”(published by Sichuan Daily Press) an article by Yang Liwen entitled “Seeking Justice from Japan”. In that article we were pleased to learn that you are fulfilling the social responsibilities as someone with a Master degree in Law; to seek restitution from Japan on behalf of the civilians of China. According to this article, you “received groups after groups of victims of the Japanese War of Aggression against China, arranged for their room and board, and delivered victims’ materials to the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, even though it takes more than 4 hours to travel from your home and back!”We are not sure if this is a fact? If it is, we at Shawo Village would also like to come to Beijing and submit our documents on losses caused by the Japanese soldiers. In brief, over 3,000 houses, 4 temples, 3 ancestral halls were burned to the ground, 1 person was killed by the military dogs, and 5 persons burned to death. Total losses amount to RMB 35,000,000.

Dear Comrade Tong Zeng, please write to us about the necessary supporting material and procedures, and we will prepare them accordingly. We will then travel with you to Beijing and deliver our claim for economic losses to the Japanese Embassy.

May everything go well with you and your family!


Dong Shihua

April 20, 1993

Address: Shawo Village, Monan Town, Ruicheng County, Shanxi Province.


PS; Please give us your detailed address in your reply so that we can find you In Beijing.




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