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Sequence number:s0120
Date of letter:1991-12-19
Address of author:Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province
Date of event:Not mentioned
Location of event:Not mentioned
Name of author:Not mentioned
Name(s) of victim(s):Heilongjiang Province
Type of atrocity:Biological/Chemical Warfare (BC)
Other details:Attatched in the letter are: an introduction of the invading Japanese army 731 Bacterial Troops Evidence and Ruins and a list of the evidence and ruins.

Profile of the Criminal Evidence at Former Sites of
Unit 731 of the Invading Japanese Army

The criminal evidence at former sites of Unit 731 of the Invading Japanese Army, located at No. 25, Xinjiang Avenue, Pingfang District, 20km south of Harbin, was officially open to the public in August 1985.

Pingfang District was the base of Unit 731, the center of several bacteria troops established by Japanese invaders in China as well as the world’s then largest bacteria research and production base. There are over 20 criminal evidence sites within six square kilometers. The former quarters of the chief of Unit 731 (Ishii Shiro) has been converted into a temporary showroom where physical evidence, photographs and testimony data are mostly on public display for the first time.

The criminal evidence sites and displays are testimony to the Japanese militarism’s notorious crime of conducting bacteria experiment on living humans for development and production of biological weapons. Research of records shows that up to 3,000 Chinese, Russians and Mongols were brutally killed in the bacteria experiment.

“Past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future.” Reliving the suffering of the Chinese people caused by Japan’s invasion and remembering the crimes of the Japanese Army will promote the friendship between the Chinese and Japanese people. It will also strengthen friendship of peoples of the world and uphold world peace.

List of the criminal evidence at former sites of Unit 731


Address: No. 25, Xinjiang Avenue, Pingfang, Harbin
Tel: 60852

General public, domestic and overseas are welcome
to visit the criminal evidence at the former sites
of Unit 731 of the Invading Japanese Army.
Unit 731 Criminal Evidence Museum
August 15, 1985


Bio-Chemical Warfare(BC)
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