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Sequence number:s0247
Date of Letter:1993-04-29
Address of Author:Anhua County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province
Date of Event:1942-03-18(lunar calendar)
Location of Event :Wuwei County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province
Name of Author:Wang Zhiquan
Name(s) of victim(s):Wang Zhiquan’s mother
Type of atrocity:Sex Slaves (SS)
Other Details:On March 18, 1942 of lunar calendar, Wang Zhiquan’s mother Chen Xinghua was caught by the Japanese army to be a sex slave. She could not endure the humiliation and killed herself. In the letter there is a signature list of the claim of compensation for victims against the Japanese government.




Mr. Tong,

On April 1st, I sent a letter about my mother’s being taken away by the Japanese army, forced to serve as a ‘comfort woman’, and committed suicide because of the unbearable humiliation. Have you received it?

Several days ago, Zhou Huiyu from Hunan Women’s Newspaper sent me your letter to fellow Chinese victims. After reading it, a tough man like me who rarely shed tears was broken down crying. The utter cruelty of the Japanese army, the humiliating death of my mother, the deep blood feud of my fellows, the courageous passion of you, the revitalization of China …… all of them mingled in my mind, which made me nearly faint for a while. I read with respect again and again after sobering up.

In respect of your opinion, I did not resort to an inflammatory propaganda campaign. Instead, I described the truth to fellows with decent reasoning and legal senses. Here I present you the two forms with their signatures.

Due to the fact that I was less than one year old when my mother died with grievance, and my father passed away two years ago, in addition to decades of protracted class struggles on top of my rough and complicated life, I am not able to provide further details of the suffering of my mother and more evidences of Japanese crimes. Hope you could understand!


Wang Zhiquan

April 29th, 1993

Please reply to: 413514, The warehouse of Jiangnan supply and marketing cooperatives , Anhua County, Hunan Province
Recipient: Wang Xianglian, to forward letters to Wang Zhiquan



Signature form for claiming reparations against the Japanese Government



Signature form for claiming reparations

Wang Huanye, Wang Yangjiong, Wang Guanghui, Li Shangxin, Guo Chunhua, Liu Shemei, Deng Qizhong, Wang Xianglian, Xiao Meihua, Xiong Shaofu, Fang Yitian, He Yuping, He Youda, Zhang Xiaozhen, Hu Chukai, Liu Shan, Shen Liang, Wang Wenbin, Liu Shimin, Shi Yuejin, Cao Jianhua, Wang Pingjiang, Liu Xuezhi, Yi Beixiang, Wang Dashan, Li Jianguo, Wang Jujiang, Wang Mingfa, Sun Ping, Xu Lipeng, Chen Senlin, Wang Yan, Wang Zhongxin, Peng Kanglai, Long Guihe, Zhou Shixing





Sex Slaves(SS)
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