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Sequence number:s0398
Date of letter:1993-04-04
Address of author:Jinhua County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Date of event:1942
Location of event:Jinhua County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Name of author:Zeng Runtan
Name(s) of victim(s):Zeng Runtan, Jin Zhicheng, Wu Hongcheng, Fang Songyi, Jiang Zuhong’s father
Type of atrocity:Others, Murders, Biological/Chemical Warfare(OT, MU, BC)
Other details:The Japanese burned my house and goods in 1942, as well as houses of other villagers. Jin Zhaosong’s father Jin Zhicheng was killed. Wu Hongcheng, Fang Songyi and Jiang Zuhong’s father died from the germ warfare.

Report on Persecution by the Japanese Invasion Army in Our Local Area in 1942

Respected Tong Zeng:

In June last year, “Legal Daily”, and “Jinhua Daily” published “Civilian Claim Tide” article. Since I studied laws and more than ten civilian cases of Japanese civilian claims, and consulted the government, I was unable to write anything in the past ten months, nor do I know what kind of conditions can qualify for lodging compensation claim toward Japan. Additionally: Today I report to the China Research Center on Aging, when the Japanese Army invaded China and persecuted our villagers, we received damage, on June 1 of the lunar calendar, the Japanese Army burned a total of 21.5 houses in our village, and killed 4 persons, materials and grains totaled 5225 kg, these three figures are facts.


Houses in our two villages were all burned by the Japanese Army, the exact number was incalculable. The burning time was from May 29 till June 1 in that year.

Jin Zhicheng, who is Jin Zhaosong’s father, was persecuted to death
Wu Hongheng Father Died of bacteria
Fang Songyi Father Died of bacteria
Jiang Zuhong Father Died of bacteria
Totaling four persons died.

Contact person: Zeng Runtan
Villager of Huiken Village, Andi Town, Jinhua County, Zhejiang
April 4, 1993


Bio-Chemical Warfare(BC), Murders(MU), Others(OT)
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