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Sequence number:s0880
Date of letter:1993-09-28
Address of author:Beijing City
Date of event:1936
Location of event:Shanghai City
Name of author:Xia Jincheng
Name(s) of victim(s):Xia Jincheng’s parents
Type of atrocity:Biological/Chemical Warfare, Others(BC, OT)
Other details:My mother was infected by hematophagous bacteria put by the Japanese in the river and died. My father Xi A’si’s shop in Shanghai was burnt in 1936. Now I claim compensation from Japan.

Respectable Mr. Tong,

Recently, I’ve read an article about the Chinese people demanding compensation from Japan from Hunan Women’s News. On September 29, 1972, Prime Minister Zhou signed a joint announcement with the Japanese government on behalf of the Chinese government, which states, “(The Chinese government) gives up war reparations from Japan for the friendship of the Chinese and Japanese people.” At that time, I didn’t understand the decision. My hate towards Japan’s war of aggression against China is fresh like it was yesterday. Demanding compensation from Japan for invading China is a crucial, just act to maintain world peace and truth. How could the victims ever forget the great disaster that the invading Japanese imperialists brought to the Chinese people! In 1972, the Chinese government gave up war reparations between governments, but has never given up civil damage compensation from Japan. This revelation has represented the opinion of victims like me. The Japanese militarism must compensate the Chinese people for their life and economic losses.

Life loss: 50 years ago, my mother died of schistosomiasis caused by the blood flukes placed in the river by the invading Japanese army (I was then 7 and could remember things). I demand compensation for my mother’s death.

Economic loss: On lunar May 8, 1936 when my family celebrated my one-month birthday, my father’s two hardwood furniture shops, a main shop (located in the south of the river in Jiangwan Town, Shanghai) and a branch shop (located by the river in Diyinxianggang Town, Zhoujiazui Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai), which werer located in Jiangwan County and Yangpu District respectively, were burned down by the Japanese army, including the warehouses, production workshops and residential houses.

I was born in Jiangwan Couny, Shanghai (now Jiangwan Town, Hongkou District, Shanghai). I am 57 years old and have poor health as I often escaped for shelter when I was young and suffered from many diseases. In 1988, I retired due to illness from Beijing Communication Equipment Factory under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication.

My father Xia Asi died of illness in Shanghai in 1960.

I still have two older sisters living in Shanghai. My oldest sister Xia Jinxiu (also named Tang Jinfang by taking her husband’s surname) is over 70 and my second oldest sister is over 60, a People’s Representative of Hongkou District, Shanghai. Both of them have retired.

Ever since I was old enough to remember things, my father had told me that the invading Japanese army kicked him out of his real estate including residential houses without taking anything with him and then burned it down. After that, my family lost everything. My parents had to flee for shelter, taking me and two older sisters. As our life was very hard, my mother often went to the river to find and eat snails. Thus, she was infected by the blood flukes put down in Chinese rivers by the invading Japanese army and died when I was 7 due to lack of money for treatment.

Losing my mother’s love at a young age is a disaster the invading Japanese army caused to me. My family have suffered a lot like millions of other Chinese families. I strongly demand compensation from Japan for my mother’s death because of the blood flukes put down in China by the invading Japanese army and for the loss of my father’s two hardwood furniture shops and residential houses (The main shop was 200 m2, with a 200 m2 warehouse, a 100 m2 production workshop and a 200 m2 residential house and the branch shop was 200 m2, with a 100 m2 warehouse, a 100 m2 production workshop and a 100 m2 residential house. The losses of all property are a total area of 1,200 m2). I demand a total compensation amount of no less than USD 2.8 million for the two debts.

Mr. Tong, on behalf of my parents and two older sisters, I would like to extend our deep gratitude to you for demanding damage compensation from Japan for millions of Chinese people. Meanwhile, on behalf of my whole family, I sincerely ask you to demand compensation from Japan for the death of my mother because of the blood flukes put down in China by the invading Japanese army and for the loss of my father’s property.

Best regards,

Xia Jincheng
Retired employee from Beijing Communication Equipment Factory under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication
September 28, 1993

No. 9, Unit 1, Building 6, Sanjiefang, Jiuxianqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Postal code: 100016
Home telephone: 4364148

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Bio-Chemical Warfare(BC), Others(OT)
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